Sydney Renewable Power Company is proud to announce that all the solar panels on our International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney system have been installed, and the project is now entering its testing and measurement phase.

Lend Lease confirmed that all 2004 panels have now been installed across the 3 locations on the ICC Site - Convention Centre Ballroom Roof, the Darling Harbour Theatre Roof and the Main Theatre Roof. The array covers 3200 sqm of roof space.

Now that this is complete, we will move to the verification testing phase. The purpose of this phase is to check that the panels are generating the level of electricity that they are modelled to generate, based on actual weather conditions. While the final output of the project will depend significantly on the weather, this verification testing is there to ensure that given the weather, the panels are performing as intended.

The testing phase will last for 45 days and SRPC will review the results with Lend Lease and Canadian Solar.

Once this test is passed, the installation will be deemed to be ready. We are getting very close now! 

The Sydney Renewable Power Company Team